Lake of the Woods SWCD

What is a Soil and Water Conservation District?

The District is a local government organization that promotes and implements programs to protect our natural resources.

The SWCD is governed by a 5-member elected board of supervisors.  In addition, two full-time resource technicians and one part-time office assistant are employed by the SWCD.  The County Land and Water Planning Director manages the SWCD through a joint powers agreement.


  • District 1     John Sonstegard, Chairman
  • District 3     Frank Sindelir, Vice-Chair
  • District 2     Russel Hansen, Treasurer
  • District 5     Nancy Dunnell, Secretary
  • District 4     Roger Krause, Public Relations


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NRCS Partners

  • Vacant, District Conservationist
  • Matt Rose, Soil Conservationist
  • Silvia Chamberlain, Office Assistant


Click here to visit the MN Association of Soil and Water Conservation District to learn about the history of SWCDs.


Due to the Dust Bowl of the early 1930's, legislation was enacted to create Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

Supervisor Districts

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Lake of the Woods County Voter Districts