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Bostic and Zippel Creeks Watershed Assessment Project

The Final Report is complete.  The results of the study were presented to the public on our March 2013 Bus Tour.  View the tour announcement.

Download the Final Bostic and Zippel Creek Watershed Assessment Report.

Download the Bathymetric Survey of Bostic and Zippel Bays memo.

click here to view  Fact Sheet about the Bostic and Zippel Watersheds

The SWCD has received Clean Water Partnership funding through the MPCA to perform monitoring and assessment for this project.  A Clean Water Fund grant for implementation has also been received to help reduce erosion and sedimentation

Information from the July 21st, 2009 public meeting   
Public meeting date July 21st at the County Gov't Center
    View the full News Release for the public meeting
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    *Read the comments from the public meeting
PowerPoint Presentations

    Adobe pdf icon  Introduction and welcome
                       (Voigt, NRCS District Conservationist)

    Adobe pdf icon  PowerPoint presentation on Current Watershed Issues,
                       (Stromlund, Land and Water Planning Office)

    Adobe pdf icon  Watershed Assessment Project
                       (NRCS Water Resources Staff)

Map of Bostic and Zippel Watersheds