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Conservation trees and shrubs in quantities that won't break the bank, or your back!

Each year the SWCD offers trees and shrubs for sale.  We purchase from larger nurseries and sell in bundles of around 25.  This works perfect for folks who are not wanting to order hundreds at a time.  Trees are shipped to Baudette and distributed over 2-3 days in early May.  Typical size of seedlings ranges from 12″-18″ but will depend on species and availability from nurseries.  

Flyer for the annual tree sale program

2024 Order Form - Available Now!

The SWCD holds an annual tree sale.  Order forms are typically available in January.  

Seedlings are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  They will be available to pick up the first or second week of May.  Order early for best availability! 

We also encourage people to call ahead of time to reserve their trees over the phone!

Plantskydd Deer Repellent logo

Deer Browse Protection

If deer are getting you down, give us a call.  Our office is a local dealer for Plantskydd, an organic deer repellant.  We have different quantities for sale depending on how many trees you have. 

Bud caps and tree cages are also options for deer browse management.  Bud caps are available for free.  We don’t give away tree cages but we can possibly help with cost share or technical advice.  

Pine Tree

What trees should you plant?

Our staff can help with your tree selection.  We will review the soils on your property and look at options that will grow well.  We also work closely with local DNR and NRCS staff to help you plan your planting.  

There are also some great resources online if you would like to do some research yourself.