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Water Level Information

Lake of the Woods and Rainy River-Rainy Lake

2022 Flood and High Water - County Resources

Read the June 1, 2022 joint press release from Lake of the Woods Land and Water Planning and the SWCD on reporting flood damages and emergency protection.  

If you have flooding related damages, we would like to hear from you.  A flood damage report can be submitted with our inventory form.

Download the Flood Damage Inventory Form

Documenting flood damages is an important part of seeking financial assistance.  It also helps in future planning efforts.  Flood damages can also be submitted by calling in or emailing.  See the contact information on the form.

*This is not an application for financial assistance or permits.

Expedited permitting procedures for protection or repairs are available during high water events. To ensure that your project meets local, state and federal regulations, the County has created a Joint Notification Application.  Staff from the SWCD or County Land and Water Planning Office should visit your site in advance of any work to document the need.  Landowners may also submit photos and a description to help expedite the process. 

Download the Joint Notification Form

*The Joint Notification applies to the 2022 Flood incident and expedited permit processes apply to this incident’s time period.

Lake of the Woods County Emergency Management is helping to coordinate sandbag efforts.  Bags and sand are staged at locations throughout the county.  Visit the LW County Emergency Management webpage for more information.

County Emergency Management

Local Water Level Observations

We are currently preparing photos and information to display.  Check back for weekly for updates.  (5/27/2022)

During the 2014 flood on Lake of the Woods, the SWCD staff found that it was hard to show the severity of the situation without seeing what “normal water levels” were like.  There was a lack of repeated photos.  Landowners along the southern shore were also experiencing different wave severity based on their location and the localized weather conditions. 

The SWCD initiated a Southern Shore Volunteer Monitoring Program after the 2014 flood.  Volunteers collected photos and documented weather observations on a weekly basis. 

The goal was to provide dedicated sites where photos could be repeated during high, low and normal water levels. 

Click Here to go to the Online Map.  

Viewing Instructions for online map

Program Overview

Water Level Notices and Information

Lake of the Woods Control Board

The Lake of the Woods Control Board is responsible for water level regulation on Lake of the Woods.  The Control Board maintains an extensive website with current and historical information on water levels. 

The Control Board’s website is a good place to get information on recent press releases or upcoming changes to water level regulation. They also post weekly updates on water levels and projections on their Notice Board.

International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board

The International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board maintains water level information on Rainy River and Rainy Lake.  

This board holds some responsibility in ensuring compliance with water level controls on Rainy Lake – which in turn impacts water levels on the Rainy River.  

Check out their website for recent press releases and updates on the status of the current control measures at the dam. 

The National Weather Service has created a webpage full of resources related to the 2022 high water event in Lake of the Woods, Koochiching and the Rainy Basin.  They are tracking local weather patterns and posting information on peak water levels.  

Click here to visit the page.  

General Resources

The Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed website is a good source for current activities in the basin.  

The Foundation is a Canada-based charity that works internationally to support water quality initiatives, research and studies to help protect Lake of the Woods.  View the Foundation’s website to learn more about their efforts and initiatives.

Water Level Controls

Read an article on the challenges, and perspectives, related to water level controls from the Lake of the Woods Sustainability Foundation.
Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin map