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Bostic Watershed

Design plans from the Judicial Ditch two-stage ditch and rock riffles installed in 2020.  This was the upstream phase of the 2-stage ditch that was installed in 2008.  Funding through a Clean Water Projects grant. 

Comprehensive watershed assessment completed by the NRCS.  This report helped identify sources of sediment in the watershed (overland runoff vs in channel).   

2013 Soils investigation and Geology Report conducted by NRCS Geologist.  Soil samples were taken on the north/south stretch along County Road 4 and the stretch of Judicial Ditch 28 where it heads east into the Bostic Creek.  A geology report with stability recommendations was prepared.  

2013 memo comparing cross-sectional surveys of Judicial Ditch 28.  These surveys were completed in 2007 (as-built for first stretch of 2-stage ditch) and then repeated in 2013. This memo is also summarized in the 2013 NRCS Geology Report. 

Preliminary plans for the first (downstream) section of the JD28 2-stage ditch that was installed in 2009.  A general cross-section was provided.  (SWCD catalog #BC-0020)

Bathymetric surveys of the Bostic and Zippel channels to quantify sediment deposition and pinpoint locations of deposition or loss.  A historical bathymetric survey of Zippel Bay was available so a comparison was completed.  This was not available for Bostic Bay so there was no comparison made.  (SWCD catalog #ZW-0110)

Memo from Houston Engineering that summarized existing data and rating curves for the Bostic and Zippel watersheds.  This report was commissioned to help local staff summarize previous efforts and improve on data collection efforts in the watersheds. 

2005 study by HDR Engineering, Inc that provided a general set of recommendations on reducing sediment and flooding issues within Bostic Bay.  This study did sections of Judicial Ditch 28 that were unstable.  These sections were later repaired with a two-stage ditch.  (SWCD catalog #BC-0010)  

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Drone Footage - Two-stage ditch

Feature Stories - 2020 Clean Water Project

Team Meetings

Minutes of discussion between County, NRCS, SWCD, DNR and others in planning restoration and stabilization efforts specifically focused on JD28 and County Road 4.